Tips On Getting The Most Money For Your Used Car

Getting the most money for your used car is still an ordeal for most consumers. In this article we will give you a few tips that you could use to increase your chances of scoring the best offer for your used car. Try these for your next used car sale and see the difference.

Ready to sell your car California? Consider the paperwork.

Selling your used car yourself is not just about handing over the keys and taking the check. There is a significant amount of paperwork that you need to do. If you are in California, this article will walk you through the documentation and paperwork needed when you sell your used car in California.
At Drivester we make this simple and as easy as just handing over the keys and taking the check through our concierge service that handles all the paperwork.


Understanding Car Lease & Terms

Car leasing is one of the most difficult subjects to wrap your head around as a consumer. We have already uncovered the myths in one of our previous blog posts. In this blog, we will dive deeper and unravel the complexities and make it simple to digest for you. At Drivester our mission is to increase transparency in car buying, leasing, and trade-in transactions.